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Order a replacement or new guide handle to your Bold Lead Design harness for additional functionality, leading, and communication.

We created this option to adapt our tried and true Mobility Support Harness or Basic Assistance Harness for guide work, so you can have an assistance harness that is designed for both guiding and physical support. Our leather guide handle offers excellent feedback and feel of the dog’s movements, and can be used for leading and momentum work. Available in flexible leather or semi-rigid which is reinforced for a stiffer feel. (Both styles look the same.)

If your harness does not already have the guide handle mounts, be sure to order these with your handle. The mounts will have to be installed on your harness (requires a leather hole punch and screw driver to install).

Handle only. Harness not included. Only works on BLD harnesses. See below for details and measuring information.

Custom made to order! Allow 7-10 business days for creation. 


Length of Handle * 

As measured from the top of the harness saddle

Does your harness have guide handle mounts?


Unlike traditional guide dog harness that offer no support, the BLD Mobility Support Harness with Guide Handle is properly designed for balance and stability. Adding this Guide Handle to your Mobility Support Harness will allow your harness to be a combination guide/mobility harness. You’ll find all the details about our original MSH harness here. 

This handle is an add-on option. Your new harness can be made with the guide handle, or it can be retrofitted onto an existing harness. 

Custom made to your measurements: MEASURE FOR YOUR HANDLE

  • Handle length is measured from the TOP OF THE BLD HARNESS SADDLE to where you’ll grip the handle; we make handles to the FUNCTIONAL length desired.
  • Made to measure
    • if you want your dog out further forward as you walk, order it LONGER than your brace/balance handle.
    • if you want a shorter handle for close-quarters, or to have your dog help pull you up, order it SHORTER than your brace/balance handle.
    • Guide handles 4.5″ or longer will come with a brace to help stabilize the handle (the horizontal strap seen on some handles).
  • Include a note regarding the length you need, we’ll call or email to follow up with you for all the measurements and details.
  • Guide handles are not compatible with MSH pull-rings (the handle may break the pull-rings, thus voiding the warranty of this harness part).

How to order:

You may order online, call to place your order by phone, or visit the workshop in person.

The Flexible Guide Handle is made from double layered leather. It is different than the traditional guide dog handle in order to maintain the integrity of the Mobility Support Handle. The leather handle mounts to the harness saddle with metal quick release buckles. The leather is soft but has just enough thickness for a very good feel of the dog. Because it is flexible, you can grasp the support handle without letting go of the guide handle. It also conforms to the angle of your grip, making it very comfortable to use. The guide handle also offers counter-balance support and pulling assistance. Will soften more with age and use.
Semi-Rigid Guide Handle is available for those who desire a firmer feel. This handle style is reinforced with a stiffener so it holds its form better and does not soften as much over time. Otherwise, same as the above–just less soft.
Why is it is different? Traditional guide handles are rigid metal and mount on the breastplate, in front of the dog’s shoulders. Guide harnesses are simple and have just what is necessary to hold the handle on the dog. This works great for guiding, but offers no support or stability whatsoever. Mobility Harnesses are designed for physical support and to distribute weight and pressure correctly on the dog’s body, similar to a horse saddle. The rigid support handle is vertical for bracing support, but does not allow the dog to lead/pull into the harness. But we’ve found a solution to combine these very different harnesses into one functional piece of equipment. Maintaining the integrity of our very well-designed Mobility Support or Basic Assistance Harness was critical to preventing any unwanted pressure points on the dog and keeping the overall stability and function of the harness. Mounting the guide handle to the saddle part of the harness allows the rigid support handle to function as usual, while giving the correct feel and feedback for guiding. There are support straps from the saddle to the breastplate that allow good contact for feeling of the dog’s shoulder movement and direction. The guide handle will feel different than a traditional guide harness, but you will have the support and security you need to stay mobile. In lieu of mouse ears, the handle is stabilized by wraps that secure the handle to d-rings on the saddle and a leather support strap. Two handles are necessary since they function independently. You can easily switch to the support handle when you need more balance support, and can grasp both handles at the same time. (Meaning you don’t have to let go of the guide handle to grasp the mobility brace handle.)
Pricing Includes: 
  • double layered 5/8″ wide leather guide handle, made to your desired length (semi-rigid option is reinforced with a rawhide stiffener)
  • Velcro stabilizer straps (that secure the handle to the d-rings on the harness)
  • Retrofit to your existing harness! We can mount it for you, or we can send you the handle with instructions for installing it yourself. Installation only requires a hole punch and screw driver. (Customer is responsible for shipping costs if you’d like to send the harness to us to be updated–if you select this option, the shipping charge is for RETURNING your harness to you after we mount the handle.)


Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Guide Handle

Flexible Leather, Semi-Rigid Leather

6 reviews for Leather Guide Handle for BLD MSH/BAH

  1. Cheryl Gama

    Marley, my Golden Service Dog loves his harness! I love the pull strap….since I have fibromyalgia and MS, I ordered black sheepskin and wrapped it around the pull strap ~ complete comfort ~ for both of us. Marley’s harness is lined with sheepskin.

  2. Christi P. (verified owner)

    This product is amazing and I am so happy with it! I can easily read my dog’s movements. It’s also very nice that it is removable. Some days I am in a wheelchair and would rather use the pull strap and not use the guide handle. This was a big plus. I was also happy that the mobility handle still lays very flat even with having the guide handle. I also didn’t know even from the picture that the bar in the middle of the handle is adjustable for how firm or loose you want it. This was a great addition!

  3. Joe R.

    Robbie and I love our new harness!! Thank You. It really great to finally have the proper gear for my dog. The new harness fits him like a glove and we can communicate alot better now. Before he would never go on his old harness with this one I actually can get him to step out. GREAT HARNESS, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND GREAT CRAFTSMANSHIP!!!!!!. I will be a customer for life!
    Joe R.

  4. Jim Wicker

    If you have found BLD your search is over. Handsdown katrina makes the best mobility harness on the market. Best quality& durability around ! I wanna thank you katrina for opening up a whole new much less difficult world for me & hershey both. Yes it says five stars but deserves much more.

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