Elk Stuffed Buffalo Horns

New treat for the holiday season! A fun stocking-stuffer for your pup.

American buffalo (bison) stuffed with elk. A tasty, long-lasting chew with a treat inside! The horns are the exterior

Regular size is 4-5 inches long, small is 3-4 inches long. Ships to USA addresses only.



American Bison horns stuffed with elk meat are a great long-lasting natural chew and are a choice for dogs with allergies to beef, poultry, etc.

The chew is the keratin (the same substance that our fingernails are made of) outer sheath of the horn. The hard bone has been removed, which creates a hollow in the horn which can be re-stuffed with with peanut butter or other tasty filling to extend the enjoyment.

Recommended for dogs 75 pounds or smaller. Dogs are shown with the regular size horns (4-5 inches); for your reference  Hazel the blond dog is 60 pounds. Kepler the GSD is 90 pounds, and we think it’s a bit too small for him.

Made in the United States from our friends at Amici Pet (pronounced am-a-kai) in Delaware. Always supervise chewing and discard when horn is small enough to fit completely in mouth or swallow.