Out with the old! Assorted imperfect and/or one-of-a-kind Traditional Leads, Traffic Leads, and Tracking Leads are on clearance. All of these items have been hand crafted in our own workshop, and are 100% functional! This is your chance to snag imperfect yet quality BLD gear at rock bottom prices.

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Each item is numbered individually; order by item number.

Clearance items are sold as-is, no modifications or special requests are available. Sorry,  there are no warranties, returns, or exchanges on Clearance items.


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These assorted leather leashes are imperfect: these items may have minor imperfections, cosmetic faults, have been returned or used as display samples, were mis-measured or not made correctly for a custom order. Photos shown are not the actual items for sale.

Only one of each item is available! These will sell out fast. Once a product is added to cart, items are held for 10 minutes to allow you to complete your order and check out.

For full descriptions of products, click on the relevant product page: Traditional Leads; Coupler; Multiplier

Item     #417    10″ coupler/brace     (O-ring in center, two 10″ legs with snaps)    M 1/2                        black/stainless steel             $18.00

Item     #418    10″ coupler/brace     (O-ring in center, two 10″ legs with snaps)  M 1/2                          black/stainless steel       $18.00

Item     #420    Coupler: pair of 24″ Multipliers       M ½     Black Brahma material, with brass    Two 24″ segments with bolt snaps on each end. Connects to O-ring.      $18.00

Item     #312   4 ft heavy duty Traditional Leash       1″ XXL    Tan/brass              $15.00

Item     #223    4 ft heavy duty Traditional Leash        1″ XXL  Tan/brass              $15.00

Item      #238    7 ft heavy duty Traditional Leash        3/4″ XL  Tan/brass             $15.00

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223, 238, 312, 417, 418, 420


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