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CLEARANCE  JJ Special Wheelchair Leash (quad leash)

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See the Hook Attachment page for details attaching the leash to your wheelchair, the Hook Attachment is available separately.



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Wheelchair Leashes
Item # 424 JJ Special WC Leash XL 3/4 black/stainless steel heavy weight leather, scissor snap $25.00
Item # 425 JJ Special WC Leash L 5/8 black/stainless steel leather $25.00
Item # 426 JJ Special WC Leash M 1/2 golden tan/brass leather $25.00
Item # 427 JJ Special WC Leash M 1/2 black/stainless steel leather $25.00
Item # 428 JJ Special WC Leash M 1/2 tan/stainless steel leather $25.00
Item # 429 JJ Special WC Leash M 1/2 purple/stainless steel Brahma material, spring snap $25.00
Item # 430 JJ Special WC Leash M 1/2 black/stainless steel Brahma material $25.00

The JJ Special Wheelchair Leash           

Originally custom-made for a client, this leash with three adjustable positions is quickly becoming a customer favorite. The JJ Special is designed to be compatible with most wheelchairs (manual or motorized) to allow for a short, medium, and long length. Three adjustable sections of leash are connected with O-rings which drop onto our specially designed Wheelchair Hook. This leash ends in an O-ring—a separate Traffic Lead handle can be clipped onto the O-ring to use as a regular leash if desired.

Each section adjusts 16-24” (40–61cm) in length so you can make each section the length you need to be safe for you and your dog. In the short position, the leash will allow your dog to work close to the chair without excess slack in the leash to get caught or tangled. The medium position may be perfect to allow the dog to get behind the wheelchair to go through a doorway or to move in front of the wheelchair to lay under a table. At full length, the leash has plenty of room for retrieving or relieving. The overall length of leash is 4-6 feet (122-183 cm) depending on how each section is adjusted. You’ll make a one-time adjustment to each section so that the dog can perform his work without getting the leash tangled or caught in the wheels.
Assistance from a friend may be required to make the original adjustments.

 How to the JJ Special:

  1. First, drop the giant O-ring at the handler end of the leash onto the Wheelchair Hook, this creates the long position.
  2. Next, drop the giant O-ring in the middle of the leash onto the Wheelchair Hook to use the medium leash position.
  3. For the short position, drop the third giant O-ring onto the hook. The leash is now looped up onto the hook to prevent the excess leash from dragging or snagging on objects or wheels.
  4. To return to a longer length, simply lift one or two rings off the hook.
  5. If desired, clip on separate traffic lead handle to use as a regular leash.

See the Hook Attachment page for details attaching the leash to your wheelchair, the Hook Attachment is available separately or can be added to your leash order.


Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in
Item #

424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429, 430


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