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We have a limited supply of gorgeous dark brown leather.  We’ve crafted leashes these leashes be sold at fair prices, further reduced for our end-of-year clearance!

Special Edition Brown Latigo

  • Multi-function 5 foot leash has a bolt snap at each end and makes a 5 ft and 3 ft leash
  • This is a guide dog style leash with an additional feature so it can be used hands-free
  • Leather is 9/16″ wide (1.43 cm) with solid brass hardware

Hand crafted in BLD’s Colorado workshop, we’ve sourced a limited supply of gorgeous brown leather, and paired it with premium solid brass hardware. Assembled with our reliable braid technique mean there are no unreliable rivets or stitching to wear out. Leather is 9/16″ wide (1.43 cm), a great size for most any dog. Not too bulky for smaller dogs, strong for large dogs.

This heirloom quality leash is designed to last a lifetime and is perfect for any dog lover.

Clearance items are sold as-is, no modifications or special requests are available. Sorry,  there are no warranties, returns, or exchanges on Clearance items.

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Our Limited Edition brown leather Multi-Functional Leash and has mediums sized bolt snaps. This double-ended leash is inspired by leashes made for working guide dogs, with an additional feature so it can be used hands-free. The design features a bolt snap at each end of the leash, and three brass rings so it can be configured into sixty inch long leash, shortened to make a 36 inch leash (3 ft / 91 cm).  This leash features our exclusive “adjustable ring fob,” which allows the leash to be adjusted to fit nearly any size person and worn hands-free over-the-shoulder or around-the-waist like a belt leash. When worn over-the-shoulder (or cross-body), the leash snap will be positioned approximately at your hip. Pair the hand-free leash with a separate 2 ft or 4 ft long leash to customize the length of the dog’s end of the leash.

Our favorite leather conditioner, Bickmore Bick 4, is highly recommended! Apply a little of this, and your leash will feel more supple instantly! Use leather conditioner to keep your heirloom quality leather gear in the best possible condition and protect it from the elements. Conditioner softens and moisturized the leather fibers, and has a lovely, satin-like feel, just like hand lotion. Odor-free formula. 2 oz. bottles available from this product page. See more leather treatment products here.  

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .75 in


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