Simply the best martingale available anywhere–now available in Brahma Soft-Grip material.

BLD’s unique Martingale collar design is perfect for training or everyday walks. Chain and leather-alternative design is adjustable and has a clip to make it easier to put on your dog. Offers a limited-slip/half-check feature: the partial tightening is perfect for dogs that slip their collars!

Ideal for fearful dogs that back out of standard collars and those that need a bit more of a correction than a flat collar can offer (without choking like the harsh old-school chains).

Made with premium quality hardware & stainless steel chain. 3/4″ wide Brahma is a durable, smooth, leather-like material that is weather resistant and stink free.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.  Not  designed as, or recommended for, full-time wear or as an ID tag collar. The half-check action of the chain could possibly get caught on objects and not allow the dog to escape. Best for dogs over 40 pounds due to our sturdy, quality materials.



BLD’s unique Martingale Collar design is adjustable and has a clip to make it easy to get on and off your dog. Hand made from the same beautiful American leather as all of our products, we have found the highest quality chain assembly and hardware available for a collar that will last a lifetime.

Perfect for training or everyday walks— The chain offers a quick correction without tightening too much. Use this collar as a gentler alternative to a choke, slip, or prong collar. A great tool to transition a dog off of a prong/spike collar. Collar can be adjusted to sit snug and high on the neck for a firm correction, or loose and low on the neck for a gentler option. Many dogs respond well to the sound of the chain links.

Easy to put on and take off with a durable clip—no need to slide it over the dog’s head, just snap the clip to the chain ring. The snap is very secure and will not come undone accidentally.

Great for sight hounds and dogs who can slip out of regular collars. Since the collar tightens a couple of inches when leash pressure is applied, your dog won’t be able to back out of the collar, yet won’t be choked.

Sizing: made with 3/4″ wide Brahma material, and heavy duty hardware.

Medium: 16-20″ (40-50 cm)
Large: 20-24″ (50-61 cm)
Extra Large: 25-30″ (63-76)

Measure snugly around the top of the dog’s neck, close to his head.

Easy to use and adjustable: Adjust the collar to fit your dog as desired with our special Conway Buckle. There’s plenty of adjustment!

Premium quality chain and hardware:

Our chains are custom fabricated, just for BLD! Made standard with Stainless Steel chain and clip. (Stainless steel looks BEST on most Brahma colors.)


Not designed as, or recommended for, full-time wear or as an ID tag collar.

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