Updated Length – 105″ overall

New longer 8×8 Lead™ an 8 ft. long 8 position leather leash made from Brahma Soft-Grip Material:

  • Approx 105” end to end, bolt snap on each end (makes an 8′ leash with the handle formed)
  • Makes a 8, 6, 4 1/2 foot lead
  • Floating ring for slip-collar
  • 8 positions—you may even discover more
  • This leash does NOT HAVE A LOOP HANDLE, rather it has a bolt snap at each end so you can use the leash in any configuration.
  • Perfect for taller people who need extra length
  • Handcrafted in our workshop in Colorado, USA

It’s not leather! Strong as a Brahma bull, this man-made leather alternative makes a fantastic all-weather dog leash. It can take a beating through brush, creeks, and saltwater. It is flexible and has a nice weight and feel that resembles leather. It won’t give you rope burn or absorb dirt like rope or nylon leads. Backed by our unmatched Lifetime Warranty.

See description below for more details.
Want to see it in action? Watch a video demonstration of the leash! (6 foot version is shown, but it has all the same features as this long 8×8 Lead.)


Make with Brass Hardware (gold)

Comes standard with Stainless Steel (silver) hardware, click the box below if you prefer Brass/Gold hardware


Brahma 8×8 Lead ™ 

***Please note: original 8×8 leash was 96″ overall – this new length is 105″ overall, from bolt snap to bold snap, and is 8′ with the handle formed***

By popular demand, our awesome multi-functional leash design is now available in Brahma Soft-Grip material!

Features a bolt snap at each end, 3 fixed rings, and one loose ring. This leash does NOT HAVE A LOOP HANDLE, rather it has a bolt snap at each end so you can use the leash in any configuration. This extra long lead is designed for tall people with short dogs. It’s long enough to be placed over your shoulder and give the dog plenty of room to roam (or even lie down as you stand); worn hands-free, this leash allows approximately 6 feet of leash from your shoulder to the dog.

Check out the illustrations to see what this leash can do. This super sturdy yet supple lead goes beyond the standard dog leash. This multi-function lead can be clipped to a collar or harness, or may be used as a slip-collar for effective yet gentle training. The lead can be shorted or lengthened at any time. May be used as a hands-free leash by placing the leash over your shoulder. For dual control, you can connect one end of the leash to a training collar, and one to the regular collar. Great for use with head collars or harnesses.

Great for Schutzhund/protection work, obedience training, service dogs, and everyday use.

There is no stitching to come undone or rivets to wear out. Top quality hardware assures strength and durability. We believe so strongly in the quality of our work, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Soft-Grip leather alternative:

Brahma Soft-Grip is constructed with webbing on the inside and a durable, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside.  This durable material is great for any extreme weather condition, resilient in cold weather, and is resistant to abrasions. It’s kinder to the hands than webbing or rope, and also resists knotting and tangling. Easy to care for: just wipe clean with soap and water.

Yes, our famous lifetime warranty stands behind the quality of this product.

Choose the width:

  • ½” wide (12.7mm) for most dogs, medium and large breeds (medium sized hardware)
  • ¾” wide (19 mm) for large breeds, this is a heavy-duty line (XL hardware, not recommenced for dogs under 80 pounds)

All are made with durable chromed solid brass hardware (silver finish). Our heavy duty hardware is rust-free! Assembled with screw posts. (We never use unreliable rivets or stitching that can unravel.)

Modifications are possible!  Just let us know what you’d like. Check out custom options here. Need different hardware? Click here for leash snaps. 

Note: as with other synthetic materials, the lead can build up static and attract dust and hair. But it easily wipes right off.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 1 in
choose color

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