BLD’s Quick Release Brahma Dog Collar™ (vegan & waterproof)

BLD’s signature Quick Release Collar in Brahma Soft-Grip Material

Simple durability. Classic design. Impeccable quality.

Handcrafted from durable Brahma material and top quality hardware for years of durability.

This collar is recommended for dogs over 30 pounds. Small breed collars are available here.

Artisan handcrafted in Colorado, USA! See below for measuring and sizing.

Made to order! Allow 2-3 business days for creation.




Classic flat buckle collar made from Brahma Soft-Grip leather alternative

Unique double-D-ring design lets you use one ring for holding ID tags, and the other for the leash. There’s no fussy decoration to fade or wear out, or fray. Crafted without stitching or rivets for long-lasting quality.

Available for the following neck sizes:

  • 14-15″ (35-38 cm)
  • 16-17” (40-43 cm)
  • 18-19″ (45-48 cm)
  • 20-21” (50-53 cm)
  • 22-23″ (55-58 cm)
  • 24-25″ (60-63 cm)
  • 27-28″ (66-69 cm)

* This collar adjusts 1” (2.5 cm) larger or smaller than listed measurement.

Available in two widths:

  • ¾” wide (17 mm) for Medium to Large dogs, not recommended for dogs under 30 pounds
  • 1″ Wide (25 mm)


Measure your dog’s neck as you want it to fit (do not add extra length) or measure the length of your existing collar to the hole that fits.

Our collars are measured to the MIDDLE HOLES to reflect the dog’s actual neck size! We think this is the most accurate way to measure.

Brahma Choose your color:
  • HUNTER ORANGE (high visibility)
  • TEAL
Hardware Brahma Leads come standard with stainless steel hardware (silver color–looks great on all colors). Brass (yellow color) available upon request. NOTE: In rare instances brass may tarnish and rub off on light colored / white dogs.
Strong as a Brahma bull, this man-made leather alternative is great for your adventurous pal. It is constructed with webbing on the inside and a durable, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside. This material can take a beating through brush, muck, and saltwater. Brahma is great for any extreme weather condition, resilient in cold weather, and is resistant to abrasions and stink. It is flexible has a nice weight and feel that resembles leather. It won’t absorb dirt & moisture like rope, nylon or fabric. Brahma material is so reliable that it comes with our unmatched Lifetime Warranty! Plus it is easy to clean: Just wipe clean with soap and water.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products.

All Bold Lead Designs’ handcrafted leather & Brahma products that we make in our workshop are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for life!

If your leather lead, Brahma lead, training equipment, or harness ever breaks or is damaged from regular use, simply contact Bold Lead Designs for a replacement or repair at no charge. There is no time limit. This is the best warranty in the industry.

If service is required, please see Warranty Claims & Repair Service below.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of covered product only, and does not cover things outside of our control such as chewing, neglect, misuse, normal wear, external trauma, or customer alterations. Bold Lead Designs reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is covered by our warranty. Items we don’t make in our workshop, such as accessories and consumable items, are excluded. Note: bldBASICS, any item sold as used or imperfect or marked with a star is excluded from this warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Damages:

Guarantee/Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of product only. Bold Lead Designs, LLC, or its associates, cannot be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of the guarantee. Chewing, neglect and misuse, customer alterations, external trauma, and items marked with a star void all warranties. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. User assumes all responsibility for proper and safe use of product and care of animal. Customer pays for shipping for warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.

Have a warranty issue? Need a repair or replacement?

Please contact us first so we can help determine the best way to get you taken care of!

If the product sustained damage under normal use, and is covered under warranty, we will make it right at no charge (just pay for shipping).

Non-warranty repairs and alterations may be available, even for chewing and external damage. Repair costs start at $5 plus shipping. We will provide an accurate quote upon assessing the damage.

What to do: Tell us what product you have and what the issue is. If you can, please email us photos of the damage so that we can determine the best solution (repair, replacement, or something else). Usually we will have you mail the item to us, in which case we ask that you send the item to us with a completed Warranty-Repair Form. Please download, fill it in, print, and include with your return.

All warranty claims and repairs must be accompanied by the form otherwise we won’t know what to do with your item when received. If you don’t have a printer, you may write out all the pertinent information on a paper and include it with the item. Customer is responsible for all related shipping costs.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for BLD’s Quick Release Brahma Dog Collar™ (vegan & waterproof)

  1. JoanneB (verified owner)

    I purchased the collar and a Brahma lead as well. Both items are heavy and pretty inflexible. The lead was so heavy that I had to return it since it would not have worked well for hiking longer treks.
    I kept the collar thinking I’d give it a try since I liked the waterproof aspect of it and the color was very pretty.
    Unfortunately, the materials is highly inflexible and even after giving the collar constant wear there remains a “loop” at the end created by adjusting the sizing for fit. This “loop” hasn’t flattened out at all and has gotten caught a few times on brush.
    I don’t recommend this product at all and unfortunately since we’ve used the collar I don’t know if it can be returned.
    The other thing that potential buyers should be aware of, is that NO shipping costs are covered either for returns or even exchanges so the products potentially end up costing a lot more than they are actually worth and they are already pretty expensive.
    The only reason I gave it even one star is so anyone wanting to read reviews can find it.

  2. pohtaytoe (verified owner)

    This is my favorite collar ever! My SD is quite active so she swims in the lake with me, runs around in the mud, going for jogs (well, attempts at jogging 3 feet) in the Oregon rain, etc. Despite all of the really gross conditions it has been in, a quick hose off brings it back to clean and the as needed cleaning with soap and a sponge keep it looking brand new. I got it with the extra ring for the leash and like it a lot since it makes switching the leash from right to left much easier on my dog. The quick release buckle is surprisingly sturdy and holds just as well as a traditional buckle does. I like that releasing it is one handed so when we are home I just lightly push on the sides. Like I said, surprisingly study going from mid-pots hand cramp buckle release to being able to hold back a 75 pound beast who will bulldoze people for water coming out of a hose. The purple is deep and the material is SO soft. I got the matching 8-way leash with it and these are by far our favorite. A picture of my dog in her collar and leash are on the BLD facebook page :)

    I do wish there was an option for the thinner material from the leashes to make a collar out of as a lightweight at home collar. This may be me making an excuse to buy another collar, though.

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