Is your leather item super dirty? Bick 1 Leather Cleaner is an aggressive cleaner for smooth leather. It has been proven to remove soil, grease, spur marks, and most food and ink stains. We strongly advocate using Bick 4 Leather Conditioner after the cleaner to re-hydrate the leather.

Great for getting out heavy soiling and ground in dirt on harnesses or leashes. Follow package instructions. Available in 2 oz size.


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From the Manufacturer: 

Q: When do I use Bick 1?

A: When dirt gets into leather its abrasive action cuts, damages and weakens the leather fibers. As a result the leather loses its strength. When you clean your item and remove the dirt it allows the fibers to flex freely. We also recommend cleaning periodically to open up the pores of leather to allow it to breathe. Always follow up with Bick 4 after cleaning. Gard-More may be used if waterproofing is desired.

Q: Can I use Bick 1 on my suede/distressed/nubuck/exotic skin item?

A: No. Bick 1 should only be used on smooth, polished leathers.

Q: How do I apply Bick 1?

A: Use a clean, lint free cloth and pour a quarter sized amount of Bick 1 onto the cloth. Rub into the leather and wipe off.

Q: How often should I use Bick 1?
A: Whenever your leather is dirty or dry feeling.

Q: Will Bick 1 discolor my leather or leave a residue?

A: No, but we always recommend testing a small, inconspicuous spot before cleaning the whole item. Do not get Bick 1 on the heels of boots, as it may cause bleeding into the leather.

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