Balance Assistance Saddle – Harness BARGAIN SALE

Balance Assistance Saddle Bargain Sale

This listing is for the harness saddle only. You will need to purchase the following to make this harness complete:

  1. Breastplate
  2. Girth strap
  3. Belly strap
  4. Vertical leather Balance Handle and/or optional Support Pull handle

Please review the Bargain Sale Information Booklet for sale conditions and detailed information about each harness feature available, measuring instructions, etc.

BAH MSH Measuring Instructions ONLY

Bargain Sale components can be found here: girth strapsbelly straps, breastplates, metal handles, and leather handles

New/Replacement girth strapsbelly straps, breastplates, metal handles, and leather handles may be purchased from BLD now or at any time to re-fit the harness if needed (click on the strap to see the regular website page). All replacement parts can be seen here.

Handles are not included. Do not use harness without a handle attached to support bars. Please be sure the harness saddle you order can accommodate the handle that you need–handle mounts cannot be changed!


Buckle Style on harness must match buckle style on any Girth Strap and Belly Straps owned or purchased in future.

To use a Support Pull handle, your harness needs “mouse ears.” If the harness does not have them, you will need a retrofit “mouse ears” kit that you can install with a screw driver. (NOT compatible with XL size harnesses)

Please acknowledge the conditions of this Sale.


BAH MSH Measuring Instructions ONLY

Condition Grade-

  • Seconds: Minor issues that are unlikely to be noticed by most people, including aesthetic imperfections and minor flaws. Seconds come with our famous lifetime warranty on parts and workmanship.
  • AS-IS: More noticeable flaws or signs of shelf-wear and therefore cannot be warrantied, but are absolutely functional.

MSH Harness Size: If in doubt, size down!

Standard MSH $585

For most dogs 60-100 pounds, with a girth size of 28-34 inches (best choice for almost all retrievers and doodles). NOTE: all Labradors should be in a standard size.  NOT available for dogs under 60 pounds.

Extra Large MSH $600

For most dogs 90-150 pounds, with a girth size of 33-40 inches (also recommended for deep-chested breeds such as GSD’s and Dobermans weighing 85 pounds or more, and any dog over 100 pounds such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, etc.)

Giant size MSH $715

For dogs 150 pounds plus AND a girth over 40 inches (best choice for larger/male Great Danes, St. Bernards, Mastiffs, etc.). Sorry, not all options are available on this size. ONLY available with standard bars. No tall handles or pull-rings are available.


Measuring Instructions and Videos:


Watch: BAH MSH Information Video

Important Notes:  

Dogs must be physically mature and of appropriate size, fitness and soundness for the work you would like them to perform.

Mobility, stability, and balance assistance work is physically demanding; a service dog must be in prime physical condition. The dog’s growth plates must be closed before beginning harness work (recommended minimum of 18-24 months of age). Please allow your dog time to grow and mature. Dogs MUST be in our recommended weight/measurement range for the harness to fit and function properly.

Consulting a qualified veterinarian (orthopedic specialist or canine sports medicine physical therapist) is highly recommended for all service/assistance dogs that perform physical tasks. Fit and performance of the equipment can only be assured if the dog meets the minimum recommended standards, the user and trainer have reasonable expectations, and when the equipment is used responsibly for the purpose it was designed. Likewise, harness users should consult a physician and physical therapist to determine what medical equipment is appropriate for their mobility needs.

Our equipment is designed to allow an appropriately selected and trained service dog to reasonably assist a person with a balance, mobility impairment, or other disability that requires specialty service dog gear. BLD cannot assess a dog’s suitability or appropriateness. BLD harnesses are not intended to serve as, or to replace, a durable medical device such as a cane, walker, or crutch. User assumes all responsibility for the safety, health, and care of the animal and human alike.

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