Beyond the Leash: Equipment Makes a Difference

by Katrina Boldry 

Beyond the Leash by Katrina Boldry Presentation Notes

Glossary of Terms: glossary of terms 

Product reviews & recommendations:

The Best Dog Harnesses of 2018

Top 5 Favorite Dog Harnesses For Training

Which Types of Collars and Harnesses are Safe for Your Dog?

The Safest Types of Dog Collars (and the Most Dangerous)

Leashes, Collars, Harnesses: Best Gear for Positive Training

Dog Collars or Harnesses: Which is Better?

Best Puppy Collars & Harnesses

What Is the Best Dog Harness?

The No-Pull Harness Debate

Canine automobile safety harnesses – seat belts designed for dogs – are not all created equal. Whole Dog Journal.

Equipment Training Articles:

Are Head Collars on Dogs Dangerous or Safe? It’s All About Technique!

Gentle Leader Head Collar: Reinforcement or Punishment?

Putting on a Harness (Jacket, Thundershirt, etc.)

Proper Use of Head Halters for Leash Training

Research and reference:

Harnesses Not Collars

Detecting Subtle Injuries, Dr. Chris Zink at APDT by Patricia McConnell

Pressure Distribution in Guide Dog harnesses
Published study on pressure points in guide harnesses. This is the publication you’ve been looking for.

PROVET HEALTHCARE INFORMATION – Growth Plate Closure Times – Dogs
Chart with the range at which dog’s bones mature

Reflections on Chest Harness (shoulder pivot), BRIGITTE JOST
A digestible explanation of how harnesses affect movement, English translation.
Original article in German. 

Dogs In Motion
Gorgeous hardcover book with DVD. Martin S. Fischer and Karin E Lilje with illustrations from Jonas Laustroer and Amir Andikfar

Assisting Decision-Making on Age of Neutering Associated Joint Disorders, Cancers, and Urinary Incontinence. Recommended age for sterilization by breed in reference to health outcomes

Ten Most Important Things to Know About Hip Dysplasia

Detecting Subtle Injuries, Dr. Chris Zink at APDT – The Other End of the Leash


Managing the risks of hip dysplasia – The Institute of Canine Biology


A few nifty Info Graphics and Diagrams

Free Poster: The Four Categories of Operant Conditioning

Free Resources: Doggie Drawings posters by Lili Chin