Infinity Lead training aid by Bold Lead Designs is not a muzzle
BLD Infinity Lead crisscrosses under chinBLD Infinity Lead no pull training aid, head collar leash comboBLD Infinity Lead controls from top of neckBLD Infinity Lead no pull training aid, head collar leash comboBLD Infinity Lead is not a muzzleBLD Infinity Lead no pull training aid illustrationInfinity  colors

The Infinity Collar™ no-pull head halter


The Infinity Collar no-pull training aid: Works like magic to stop your dog from pulling! 

The Infinity Collar™ is a simple to use HEAD COLLAR. It is designed to teach your dog not to pull. It applies pressure behind the ears and under the jaw for gentle and effective control. Use this head collar with your own leash.

This item is handcrafted in the USA with American materials. Hooray!

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Product Description

The Infinity Collar™ No-Pull Training Aid

  • Instant control from the TOP of the neck
  • Discourages leash pulling and lunging
  • Soft woven, lightweight material is gentle on dog and hands
  • Encourages calmness and attention
  • No pressure on throat, does not pull dog’s head to the side

How It Works:

The Infinity Collar™ offers gentle control of dog’s head. It applies pressure at the top of the neck, under the dog’s jaw for optimum control. These pressure points are actually calming for the dog. The upward pressure raises the dog’s head and encourages the dog to pay attention to the handler.

The Infinity Lead forms a figure eight around the dog’s upper neck and muzzle, crisscrossing under the chin. There is no pressure on the throat. The lead attaches at top of the neck. 

If the dog pulls, the collar tightens around the top of the neck and under the jaw, directing the dog’s head up and back The moment the dog stops pulling, the pressure stops. It works. Even the most challenging dog will STOP pulling in minutes. Think of this head collar like “power brakes” for your pooch!

The Infinity Collar ™ is NOT a muzzle! Dogs can pant, eat treats, drink, and pick up toys while wearing this head collar. Pressure on the leash does not close the dog’s mouth. 

Why The Infinity Lead?

Instant control and less pulling, need we say more? 

Other head collars encourage people to “steer” the dog around by the face. This one encourages the dog to pay attention to his handler!  The Infinity does not pull the dog’s face to the side or irritate the eyes the way some head collar do. We believe this design is safer and healthier for the dog.*

A great training solution for dogs that are stronger than their handlers, or who don’t respond well to traditional collars or other head collar products. Our fastener-free design makes it ideal for people with arthritis or other physical limitations

A great training aid to have on hand for high-distraction situations when you really need your dog to focus. Can be used in combination with ANY other collar or harness, this gives you the option to CHOOSE the reminder you need to give your dog to pay attention.

Made from 3/8″ wide woven material. The material is a soft tube with no sharp edges so it is gentle and lightweight.


Available in 4 sizes: Measure your dog’s neck just behind the head for sizing. Size up if needed. There will be slack between your dog’s head and your leash snap.

  • Small 12″
  • Medium 15″
  • Large 18″
  • Extra Large 21″

Comes packaged with literature and instructions. Includes a safety cord that attaches to dog’s regular collar.

Recommended for medium and larger breeds (over 20 pounds).

*NOT for dogs under 20 pounds. Do NOT use on brachycephalic breed dogs with short/flat muzzles. Do NOT use on a dog prone to breathing problems, with soft or narrow trachea or similar medical issues. Please remember that no training device works on every dog. Any training device is only as good as the hands that use it. Do not use with a retractable leash or long line.

This item is handcrafted in the USA with American materials. Hooray!

How to Put an Infinity Collar on your dog:

A quick tutorial of how to fit the Infinity head collar/lead

Additional Information


black, chocolate brown, pink/brown, royal blue/black, purple/lime, red, yellow


Small, Medium, Large, XL, XS

4 reviews for The Infinity Collar™ no-pull head halter

  1. Sam
    5 out of 5


    The Infinity Collar changed our walks immediately. It’s so light and requires very little strength to communicate to your dog. I’ve already written to all of my family members to let them know what they need to buy. Katrina has shown world class service and we will definitely be repeat customers. THANK YOU.

  2. Cheri W.
    5 out of 5


    Thanks so much. The head collar fits perfect, size medium.
    It works greattttt!!!!!!!!!!
    Much better than any head collar I have ever used. It does not bother his eyes and I don’t pull his head to one side.
    And I have more control.

  3. Dena Gray
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Very happy with this purchase! l have used 3 other types that attach at the front or back and they ride up into my dogs eyes and she hates them. This is simple but effective and she seems to have accepted it better. l also like the collar attachment for safety. The material is softer then what l was using before which l like too. lt has worked great and l plan to buy more in different colours! l not only use it for pulling but barking at other dogs while walking. lt is the only thing that seems to work to re-direct her attention. Great product!!

  4. marie
    5 out of 5


    First off I received my order in three days with a nice thank you hand written note. I have used it for our daily walks and for our dog obedience classes. It’s the first head collar that my blackmouth cur has excepted to even move on. All the others she has totally shut down! She will do all her commands. She walks with her head up after a few corrections; this had been a big problem as she wanted to track non stop. No pulling even for squirrels and rabbits:) I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this web sight. Great lead. I’ve walked many a dog on the gentle leaders, but wasn’t for this special girl. As said, very easy to lead and comfortable for dog and owner. I want say my blackmouth is thrilled to put it on yet, but she responds and even wags her tail while wearing

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